Quality Standards


Metalac Bojler owns certificates for the integrated Quality Management System and Environmental Management System - ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


International standard ISO 9001 specifies requirements relating to quality management system in a business organization, which an organization must meet in order to align their business with internationally recognized standards. ISO 14001 standards relate to the field of environmental management and help organizations minimize the negative impact of their operations and proceedings on the environment, i.e. to coordinate their operations with applicable laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection.

Metalac is the first company in the former Yugoslavia to receive ISO certification – in 1994. Metalac obtained ISO 9001 certification for the entire product range, and in June 1996, an international certificate stamped German TÜV. As a separate company within the Metalac Group, Metalac Bojler Ltd. received official certificates for integrated QMS / EMS in 2009, and the last recertification was accomplished in 2019.

See current ISO certificates.


Full range of Metalac water heaters has met the requirements for obtaining the CE mark. Conformité Européenne mark represents a manufacturer’s sign proving that the product is made in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the European Union, and that it meets all the essential requirements for safety, health, environmental and other public interest.
Unlike the ISO quality standards, CE marking is mandatory, which means that the products without the CE marking cannot be found on the EU market. In this way, the EU member states have ensured with their regulations and other measures that marketed and operated on the market can only be found products that do not endanger safety, health and life of people.
All tests required for CE mark for water heaters were carried out by the accredited Slovenian company "SIQ".


See the serfiticates for small capacity and storage waterheaters.



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