Small capacity water heaters

Small capacity water heaters are suitable for heating water quickly. They are mostly installed in kitchens, or any place where a small amount of hot water is needed.





01. TANK

MB MINI water heaters are made with polypropylene, enamel or stainless steel tank. The quality of the used materials guarantees that the water from the tank is physiologically correct and that it can be used for food preparation.


The tank is insulated with high quality polystyrene thermal insulation, which ensures minimal heat loss and energy savings.


MB MINI water heaters are available in two versions - for mounting above or under the kitchen counter.


MB MINI water heaters are constructed as flowthrough (open) system and are designed to work in conjunction with a low-pressure water mixing faucet. Under-the-counter version must be installed on faucet with three pipes.

Under-pressure models are installed with safety valve and allow the use of hot water on several locations.




1. Tank

2. Screw nut

3. Heater with seal

4. Water connectors

5. Insulation

6. Thermostat

7. Temperature regulator

8. Back cover

9. Front cover


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